Folk Art is an art form that was created by people that wanted art in their homes, or they wanted to express something but could not afford to buy art. It was also an art that was made by people that felt a need to do it themselves. It this manner they really owned an were accountable for the art. Like they built their houses or farmed or earned a living by hard work, usually by their hands, their art was made in the same light.
What follows is both art educated and not art educated. The look now is what Educated artists seek. It is a directness and a solidity that seems to be sought.
The first major Folk Art exhibit happened in Newark ,NJ.

Bearden-JamminAtTheSavoy.jpg Bearden

romare6.jpg Bearden

romare_bearden_evening.jpg Bearden

romare bearden 3.png Bearden

3908379-715687-traditional-vietnamese-folk-art-handmade-picture-on-the-wood-with-girl-playing-on-flute.jpg Notice the use of pattern. this is a strong characteristic of Folk Art.

More contemporary painting. Notice the direct paint application and the bright color.

An Album cover. this looks like a wood cut printed in different color. I don't know.

bobwills.jpgA contemporary piece.

EastRiver.jpg Robert Crumb, who owns one of the largest record 78's in the world Had a comic book called Zap Comics. he is influencial in the world of early blues recording and art work. His drawing have graced and translated many complilations and articles and calendars.



robinkent jazzpianoplayerbrite.jpg

l_IVzOhank-outsider-country-music-folk-art-williams-by-w-d.jpg Contemporary

il_570xN.369985965_r31l.jpg The next three are paintings. they are also contemporary. Whether they are schooled or not is immaterial because the artist has strived for a certain look in the work. The work is trying to communicate what the music is or sound like, rough, real, true, nothing fancy.