bass-trumpet.jpg John Zorn
ChrisTully2011.jpg Chris Tully
JustineToro.jpg Justine Toro
BeckyRoberts.jpg Becky Robert MattChavez.jpg Matthew Chavez
You might notice that a Modified contour and a gesture drawing may resemble each other. In content, yes though the intent is may be different. They both show form Although as the one above reveals, the objects are recognizable which is not always the case in true gesture drawing.
rembrandt-gesture-drawing.jpg Rembrandt
Rembrandt 003A faces.jpg
Also Rembrandt
Rembrandt, notice the marking of clothe and lion's hip back and leg.michelangelo-resurrection.jpg
But even before Rembrandt, Michelangelo used gestural lines above and below

Even Leonardo Da Vinci used the technique. Notice the lines in the arms

GESTURE3.jpg A Gestural treeDrawing_Trees_in_Backgrounds_by_ianoji.jpg

Copy of treecrop.jpg

matisse.jpg Henri Matisse broke many rules learned fro the Impressionist and Fauves and German Expressionist. He was also a major influence on Diebenkorn. Here is an example of his contour drawing style. He used a very consistent in tone. he was not interested in Form, Mass or Volume as Diebenkorn would be.

klein10-29-3.jpg Richard Diebenkorn, Self Portrait

klein10-29-10.jpg These two drawings are also Diebenkorn
diebenkorn.jpg1174.jpg Diebenkorn

This is a true gesture drawing.
Note how Lucian Freud used gestural contour lines to fabricate, build up his model. Then look at the painting below done at the same sessions as the drawing. Why am I calling this a gesture drawing because the intend was the form of the object. It was also done fast with many many lines, layered lines if you will.


Lucian Freud Drawings . MAY 1 - JUNE 9, 2012.jpg
Also a Frued, Gestural and blended with smudging and contoured hatching lines. Is it gestural?

Jim Dine draws with feeling. He is very immediate and aggressive. Marks happen on purpose, as a result of the act of drawing and by accident.
jim-dine-flowers-1353360866_b.jpg Dine

19.jpg One of Dines first drawings. Robe, charcoal
Both gesture and contour, both showing form and value (light)
Below are three gesture drawing capturingmovement. This is something Degas also tried to capture in his dancers and at the horse races.
red yellow gesture.jpg
yelloworange gesture.jpg
Drawing to music