Artist design more than they always let you know. Look at Da Vinci and his machines of war. he designed these for clients that would also let him experiment with science. Not, of course that his machines were not built with science in mind. Then there are the BETTER mouse traps, contraptions think Wallace and Grommet and the famous "Rubegoldbergs" inventions. Then, there are the artists that just challenge their brains to draw contraptions that do nothing but appear to work just fine.

Gunner War Machine Design_Final_(Edited).jpg
_Applause_Machine__Meccano_Blue__2.jpg the Applause Machineapplause_machine_2.jpg A detail of a larger Applause Machine6a00e5547477bc88330120a5ae5ef3970c.jpg
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goldburger.jpg A Rubegoldberg111101110136-flying-machine-vinci-horizontal-gallery.jpg The master Leonardo Da Vincingbbs4f76f96fb39a2.jpg
The impossible machines, creations, rubes, drawings, whatevers They are FUN
. rube-goldberg-machine.jpg rube.gif rube350a.png sneakers_dishaw_03_01.jpg Sneakers made from found objects. Wearable?