patterns-of-african-animals.jpg Animal Patterns
Can you see the pattern in these mens beards?

The Islamic Calligraphy looks like a pattern, but it does not fit the definition of a pattern. The marks directions though are in a pattern. This give the calligraphy a flow just as the lines in the mens beards suggest a direction. So patterns can suggest directions by repetition.


South American and African Shared designs and this flute playing Musician


Notice in this Hatian piece the contrast and variety of the patterns.


An African Batik, dying clothe and drawing using wax and dye

A contemporary painter using the african concept of pattern on pattern, Rubin Singleton

Art Nouveau 4-1.jpg
Symmetry is a type of pattern. It was used by Art Nouveau artists.

These bugs are stylized versions used by art nouveau artists.

Tree of Life Stoclet Frieze Gustav Klimt.jpg

the Tree of Life, Gustave Klimt, Pattern was very important to Klimt


Albrect Durer's drawing/watercolor of a birds wings show the patterns made by the color and feathers.

to answer the question where did pattern come from, it may have come from the bones and skins of animals

that early man saw in his world, nature i am sure played a big part to this use of pattern.

Pattern also created an order. Most folk artist use pattern when hey do not understand how to portray something they see. Again it i

is a way to create order and order helps us understand our world.


Durer also suggested pattern in his Silly Animal.


This artist used the natural patterns found in water and stylized them.

Inuitmask.jpg mask3.jpg 12178622361592220026ben_Tatoo_skull_1.svg.hi.png

Patterns in an Inuit Mask, an African Mask And a Mexican Day of the Dead Skull.


Henri Matisse used contrasting patterns in his work. His arsenal were the elements line, shape,and color. Pattern helped him flatten his canvases and allowed him to exploit Line, shape and color.

This is Lee Krasner's Abstract Work, Noon. Where is the pattern here and how does the title suggest pattern.WayneThiebaud-BostonCremes.jpg
Wayne Thiebaud, Pies, Pop Art, machines, slick, commercial. Repetition of image. Andy Warhol used this concept of the repeated image also. The question was. GET IT"?