what is light?
what is a reflection?
what does sir Issac Newton have to do with this story?
2geomforms.gif are shadows reflections or do they contain reflections?
595ef388ed4cccb0485a77d8a2b45ab9.jpg Janet Fish paints reflections by observing light.
does the color of light have an effect on the reflection made?
93DDC8384993435B85991E18439F341B.jpg light or a reflection of light?

images-1.jpegC0031203.jpg composition-color-glass-bottles-20084870.jpg images.jpegstock-photo-old-color-glass-bottle-reflection-28610563.jpg p_mcoat.jpg
reflections on gloss surfaces differ from those on a matte surface as in the bottles above.

Notice the distortion of image and color, also notice the surfaces.
Oriflame Invoice 076.jpg
Imagine walking into a church,illiterate , a person of the earth, simple and seeing these reflections dancing on the walls. What is your reaction?
reflections in glasspart3sm.jpg Art work of reflections.