Assemblage, collage, mixed media is al visually very similar. Small scale or large scale, free standing, relief, extremely sculptural or flat this type of art is a choice made by artists that are not content with tradition. Kurt Swchitters, Robert Rauschenberg, and Joseph Cornell are examples of all the types or styles mentioned.

Picasso and Braque to Romare Bearden worked with collage. Picasso’s pieces started to push outward from the wall (his guitars). Bearden’s work was that of a restless artist that needed to create but was poor, out of money, down on his luck in Harlem. His mind and eye open he worked from the world around him, the streets he walked upon and there came his materials. Then he went home, in his heart and his subject matter was defined.

Outsider art, found art, this is art made by people needing maybe a more tactile visual experience. They need to not just compose but to bend and twist and glue and tie their material together. They see the word material not like the traditional paint, pencil, paper artists, but the selection is open, free, found. I could glue or? That is the question. How do I put this together? What are my choices? What is lying around? What do I have at hand?

This is an intimate type of work when done small scale. It uses personal materials, objects that have some meaning or purpose besides what is expected of them, photographs, news clippings, a piece of cloth or wall paper. Here, everything means something. It is a style of working that does not always yield art that looks like art as we expect it.

The viewer, the audience must find meaning for himself or herself. So in a way not only is the art seen as personal to the artists, it is also personal to the viewer. I find it an art that is made because it has to be. Maybe there are no words for the feelings that are encountered, but somehow something needs to be said so the artists, the maker finds away. They find a means of expressioning them selves. Their heads and their hearts. One does not go to the art store. One works with what they have. These artists tend to see the potential in things that others disgard or throw out as trash. In some ways this art is not so educated, or sophisticated looking. It does not look like what art looks like, therefore it asks, What is art? Where does it come from? Why do we make it? see also the links below

PP Guitars2.jpg Pablo Picasso

schwitters.merz163.jpgKurt Swchitters

schwitters_carnival_1947_yale.jpg KSconstruction-for-noble-ladies-1919.jpgKSSchwitters-Merzbau-p.jpgKS KSkurt_schwitters.jpg KScornell.defense-afficher.jpg
Joseph Cornell
cornell.hotel-cygne.jpg cornell.hotel-eden.jpg cornell.paul-virginia.jpgcornell.cockatoo-corks.jpg cornell.tilly-losch.jpgcornell.rose-vents.jpg cornell.paul-virginia.jpg

Below are Robert Rauschnenberg
91.85_rauschenberg_imageprimacy_compressed_600.jpg 220px-Robert_Rauschenberg's_'Canyon',_1959.jpg 220px-Robert_Rauschenberg's_untitled_'combine',_1963.jpg therausch.jpg Detail of the Bedrrc_09.jpg rrc_02.jpg robert-rauschenberg-cardbird-1.jpg

rauschenberg_reservoir.jpg rauschenberg_pelican.jpg
This piece is his designs for a dance piece with Merce Cunningham. cu01_rauschenberg0806.jpg A young Robertbed-1955-combine-painting.jpgThe Bedaaca_gugg_0109_19.jpg

The piece below is not by Robert Rauschenberg. It is an assemblage though consisting of wire, paint, a stick and other objects.

Kruger__Remnants__Mixed_Media.jpgjudith4.jpg The following pieces are considered Outsider Art. These pieces are made by Julia Scott. She has Downs Syndrome and started making these pieces. They are essentially wrappings. Some get sculptural while some stay as large ovals or Spheres. They are quite lovely in their innocence but the space they take up is demanding In that it begs you attention then inspection.judith-scott.jpgdrury6-4-09-8.jpg outsider-art2.jpg

Johann Dieter Wassmenn below
assemblage-1.jpg il_430xN.102071049.jpg 200px-Vorwarts!_(Go_Forward!),_1897_F.jpg
mikebennion4.jpg mikebennion.jpg
John Chamberlin below
large.jpg johnchamberlain_pr_02.jpg

john chamberlain.jpg john chamberlain6a00e54f9f8f8c883400e54fe1c11e8833-800wi.jpg CHAMBERLAIN1-obit-articleLarge.jpg all_rights_reserved_xavier_hufkens_gallery.php.jpeg chamberlain_temp.jpg
Betye Saar below
tumblr_m8atr5WjNh1qb068ko1_500.jpg tumblr_ln873rdC6T1qjdovk.jpgsaar-and-kj.jpg tumblr_m8atr5WjNh1qb068ko1_500.jpg BetyeSaarRagtime.jpg

BetyeSaarRagtime.jpg image.asp.jpegBetye Saar 97_dubl_duty_gif.jpg
Kurt Schwitters below

Being buried in his car, below

a keinholtz.jpg kienholz.jpg

kienholz-Ozymandias.jpg Kienholz_amsterdam.jpgKienholz Backseat 38 Dodge.jpg

below is the work by H.C.Westermann
Westermann_burning_house.jpg westerman.jpg westermann10-18-1.jpgWesterman_lg.jpg H.C.-Westermann-Brinkmanship.jpg Defoliated by Westermann.jpg ARTS_Westermann.jpg794050550_271cfa0a73.jpg

Louise Nevelson

mirror-shadow-vii-1985-wood-painted-black.jpg 4cm725.jpg6a00d83452b9c469e200e54f05177d8833-800wi.jpg