Matisse, Henri Matisse, Father of the Fauve movement, the Wild Beast as the word fauve is translated. It was a reporter (or Critic upset because his work was rejected) that named them upon seeing the exhibition. It looked likeart done by wild beast. It was color they were interested in. Color the sake of color. The question of the day seemed to be ,'Why do I as an artist have to paint trees green and brown?" Did the color serve as symbol? No, it did not.
Was there space and depth? yes in so much as the artist could manipulate his color. Mainly though it was - Yes color for the sake of color. They were creating pieces of art and landscape or still life was no more than a point of departure, forms to be painted using colors of their, the artists choosing. Matisse would leave this group but his concepts would remain. His concepts would be - painting is no more than decoration, Painting should be flat, and each painting should be a creation of it's own. Matisse believed in line, color, and shape. He used pattern and texture at will. he scratched into the paint he rubbed the paint off the canvas, he drew with charcoal on the repainted canvas. Anything to make a painting. It is after all a painting. A flat thing that hangs on the wall.
Matisse drew using contour to study shape, contour line to study form and color was decoration. He drew all the time. he was a major influence on Richard Diebenkorn.

720428_com_matisse__g.jpegMatisse Notice the green stripe on Ms Matisse's nose.

Vlaminck_tugboat_on_the_seine,_chatou_1906.jpgMaurice Vlaminck

FAUVES3.jpg Vlaminck






Dufy.jpg Dufy

Derain.jpg Andrea Derain

derain_portrait_of_henri_matisse_1905.gif Portrait of Matisse by Derain

matisseportraitofandrederain1905.jpg Portrait of Derain by yes, Matisse




Interior Matisse, notice the view out the window. The fauves used this composition often.
687_reveMatisse.jpg Matisse Notice the pattern and how he just painted it, nothing exact, just drew with the paint.
Landscape, Matisse

Rouault_Death_NF.jpg Roualt

Rouault_Squelete.jpg Roualt