Lynn Krawczki LKlynnkrawczki-art1.jpg LK
The previous pieces use clothe scraps,paint, ink, text, drawing and what ever fits the piece as the artist see it. To me they are musical. they are narrative,even poetic. I see them as drawing but the art world sees them as fibre art.
Squares-1-4x6-wove00001.jpg These pieces are woven together. This weaving aspect can give them a gridded appearance. Color is a major factor. Harmony and unity become the important choice for the color, as a visual flow is created.Grid-8-34x34-woven-painted-paper-collection-Museum-of-Nebraska-Art.jpg Bridge-4x6-paper-punched-photographs-20111.jpg Metalic-Red-4x6-paper-punched-photographs.jpg What floats here? A symmetry?HandGrenades-detail-of-reverse.jpg Printing on fabric.Conventional-Forces-detail.jpg this faric is pieced together as a quilt would be. the images have been printed.

8alStitched drawing by Ase Ljones (Norway).jpg Ase Ljones

34701372_a442fec785.jpg 1000_750_csupload_40333419.jpg

051.jpg Robin Coles3333924757_de083d88d2.jpg Susan Sorels3334759188_f986914c5a.jpg her sketch3288775337_35136df3aa.jpg her piece5992071015_0c5e3cb021.jpg BofP ver2 - 3.jpg Quiltfilet-crochet.jpg weavingArt-Quilt-with-Hearts.jpg
Pat Curcil