These are one shot prints. Usually done on a glossy or nonstick surface like glass or plastic. Paint or ink or nearly any medium that does not dry to quick. One draws or paints or draws into the medium, lays paper onto the wet surface, press and wait for it!!!! we have a print. A one time print. Pulled and done. Why, because the image is gone or reduced once a print is pulled.

images-3.jpeg monoprint_by_deloscampos.jpg
Delos Campos, monoprint
2 Indians

Even though Rauschenberg does silk screen prints many are not identical so they are really monoprints.

rausch.jpg rauschenberg.jpg robert-rauschenberg-art-car-1986-bmw-635-csi_c_1280x906.jpg Robert-Rauschenberg-Untitled.jpg