Scribble and Gesture
Scribbling and gesture are ways to study an object. They both change shapes into forms or 2 dimensions into 3 dimensions.
They use dynamic, descriptive line. The line is fast, drawn fast, as fast as your brain talks to your eyes and hand. You are capturing the energy of the object. In gesture you capture movement. Scribble is more stationary, still.
Do them without judging. just look and draw. correct as you go along. Some drawings wi;ll happen in a few lines. some will take so many that the object disappears in line. it seems as though that the fewer lines that capture the object the better the object is understood. The better an object is understood, the better you can draw it. Use the right side of your brain not the left. The left needs order. These drawing are not about order. they are about ordering.
Alberto Giacometti
Alberto_Giacometti_12x19_2-3-2008_3.jpg AGartwork_images_761_699013_alberto-giacometti.jpg AGGiacometti4.jpgAG
Giacometti 2.jpg AG


Drawing_img47.jpgDaumier.drwng_heads.jpg Daumierdaumier_gaukler_01.jpg
artwork_images_425771544_439721_honore-daumier.jpg Daumier
fbd-howtodraw-00050im.jpg man on horse
Sanjay-scribble-drawing-3.jpgThis drawing is being used to define the form of this reader.

As you can see a scribbles and gesture are much a like. Scribble though, the way we are using them tend to be used to build shape and form through an addition and subtractive method. One focus's on the object and draws not worrying about line or value but instead, on shape and form. The gesture drawing tend to deal more with movement and form.
02-scribbly-scribbles.jpg A city design

Frank Geary is an Architect, maybe one of the best and definitely wi;ll go down in history. his designs start as scribbles.

285963-Fig6_LVMH_01_2.jpg 11.Disney.gifgdrawing.jpg
Most of the above were considered scribble drawing. Below will be Gesture Drawing
220px-Rembrandt.fallhut.jpg A Van Gogh

1235.jpg animals_dog1.jpgelephant-gesture-dwg1.jpg dog-gesture-18k4zeo.gifgesture drawing.jpg 2c05939d8d2b2a773be44968006302c3.jpg

16855114-black-and-white-charcoal-sketch-of-a-hand-gesture-drawing-study-over-white.jpg attend010-300x300.jpg attend007-300x287.jpggesture_drawing_1.jpg gesture_drawing_2.jpgGesture_drawing1.jpggesture5.jpggesture024cr.jpgImage19.jpg images-1.jpeg
images.jpeg images-2.jpeg