What is designing?
Is it to create something new?
Or is to restructure, remake or redo something supposedly better?

There are for me seven simple rules to follow
1 Addition
2 Subtraction
3 Reduction
4 Modify
5 Repeat
6 Overlap
7 Change boxes or Point of View

These are self explanatory. They all involve change, but they should be thought of as a way to change something, a process.

Horsemen copy.jpg
MC ESCHER used contrast and repetition to create this pattern of Horsemen. We may also say he used Positive and negative spaces.
th-1 copy.jpeg Overlapping and reduction
Rhonda Positive Negative Cut 2 1.jpg
Rhonda Positive Negative Cut 2 2 copy.jpg
Repetition and contrasttypeabstractions1 copy.gif
th-2 copy.jpeg addition and contrast of scale

th-1.jpeg Overlapping, reduction and addition
reduction and repetition
reduction and scale change
5141521099_e00733626e_z copy.jpg
This maybe taking the words outside of their "box" and changing the point of view to one that resembles nature

changing or revolving the object

6a0147e29429e9970b014e86b6b964970d-800wi copy.jpg
Overlapping and positive negative spavc