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I have set this up as a tool that will allow you, the viewer to look at, to see, to interpret these works of art. I do this so that you can retrieve the ideas and images that float about us all day and night. I work from the stand point that we are visually ignorant. We do not notice the world around us. Therefore when we need ideas for school or work, we miss them. When we need inspiration we miss it for whatever our reasons. we miss the potential around us.
I am hoping use of this gallery, will give you both inspiration and ideas for creating, interpreting or just enjoyment of looking works of art. It is an on going process and you are encouraged to engage me or each other about certain pieces. You can also suggest artists that you have seen to be included here.
I invite all students and teachers to use this gallery.
Recently, due to copyright infringement by myself, I had to take down some examples of work. Some asked nicely, some went right to potential law suits. As educators know and do use "stuff" where we find it, when we find it. If an artists doesn't wish their work to be used then that says a lot about that artist. This site is not about promoting any artists or their work. It is just examples to be used for education. I am not interested in making money from this or any of my sites. Some artists or their agents see otherwise. To these I reply, if we as educators are not promoting visual literacy then you will never sell your work.
Using an image by me on this site is not meant to offend or keep artists from making a living by counter fitting images or infringing upon copyrights. So , I repeat if you do not want your work used to educate students in a public form just ask, please do not strong arm me or Wikispaces. They are letting me and others use the space educationally.

Thank you,
Mac McPeters
Morristown High School
Morristown, NJ

For comments recommendations etc... Please refer to or This is a high school site and I am very protective of its content. (liberal yet protective)

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